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Avantus Renal Therapy privacy statement

Your privacy is important to us at Avantus Renal Therapy. Your health is a private and personal matter. In order for you to feel comfortable visiting our web site and utilizing the features on it we have developed a privacy policy so that you can understand what information we collect, how we use your personal information and how we protect the personal information that we receive.

Personal information we collect

  • Information You Provide – Personal information such as your name, address/phone number/email, age, cause of kidney problem, years of education, and your attitudes or opinions about Avantus Renal Therapy may be requested as part of a feature on We only request personal data that is used in order to provide the most accurate and complete feedback to you. Information required to use a feature is indicated by an asterisk*. All other information is optional.
  • Cookies - "Cookies" are small computer files that exist on your computer's hard drive that maintain information on how often someone visits our site and the activities they conduct while on our site. This information helps us to monitor how many people are using and for what purpose so that we can tailor our content to fulfill the requirements of our visitors.
  • When you contact Avantus Renal Therapy, the personal information that you provide us will be used by Avantus Renal Therapy in order to better serve you. Avantus Renal Therapy does not share or provide information gathered on to any third parties. Avantus Renal Therapy will never sell your personal information. Avantus Renal Therapy will not use your personal information to contact you unless you have registered with the Avantus Renal Therapy web site or have otherwise indicated that you wish to be contacted.


You can count on Avantus Renal Therapy to take the worry out of arranging your dialysis needs during your travels.

With one telephone call to Concierge Services, all information required to coordinate your travel dialysis – prescription information, special medical needs and arrangements for your specific treatment will be addressed by this team of dedicated dialysis professionals.

To ensure you feel welcome at your clinic away from home, you will be personally welcomed by a member of the staff on treatment day.

To coordinate your dialysis needs for your upcoming trip or to explore travel opportunities contact the Avantus Concierge Services Team 1-866-303-3773