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Private Renal Suites

More than 20 years ago, hospital birthing centers began transforming the way America had babies. Now we’ve transforming the manner in which dialysis is provided. Avantus Renal Therapy clinics will be providing private suites with a host of amenities.

This is the perfect environment for patients wishing to train for home therapy, patients treating at home who need to come back in-center for a short period and those patients who would prefer more privacy during dialysis.** Select your entertainment – magazines, television, digital media. Listen to books on tape, watch a DVD from our library, or listen to music. Escape into the world of your headphones. Sleep in a fully adjustable bed or chair, and control the temperature of your suite. When you dialyze in private, you can truly relax. And if you’d like to have friends or family members join you for your treatment time, they’re welcome.

Patients spend so much of their lives in our dialysis facility, it is the least we can do to give as much comfort, dignity and respect as we can. Private suites are already offered at several Avantus Renal Therapy clinics and are being added at Avantus clinics across the country.

*Patent Pending
**This service is not available for all patients and/or in all locations.