Mission Statement

Formed in early 1997, as a joint venture between Fresenius Medical Care - North America and Beth Israel Medical Center, RRI is an administratively distinct institution. The institute is a collaborative effort among a selected group of dialysis facilities with strong ties to academic research institutions. This synergy among designated academic research universities, industry, and dialysis clinics is the first of its kind in the field of kidney disease. A research board, with representatives from RRI's academic partners and dialysis facilities, develops and sets priorities for research programs.

RRI's primary goal is to produce measurable improvements in patient outcomes by building on a solid foundation of clinical research in nephrology. RRI will evaluate the development and application of new technology to enhance the quality of patient care.

Another important component involves the application of the NKF-DOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines in all Avantus Renal Therapy facilities. In conjunction with this effort, current dialysis practices will be examined to improve their efficiency and to measure the cost-effectiveness of treatment changes.

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