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24/7 Concierge Services

Call one number and we take care of everything

We mean it. One call puts you in touch with our care concierge who will arrange for dialysis care at an Avantus Renal Therapy clinic in the local area or at a select travel destination. Why should it ever be more complicated than that? If at all possible, we will say yes to every patient request.

Our Avantus care concierge will take care of everything. We start by asking for important patient information, arrange a medical consultation if necessary, introduce patients and family members to the Avantus program, remind patients of the importance of maintaining a solid relationship with their primary physicians and coordinate any additional services when necessary. And for any practical questions like directions or transportation schedules, we’re here to help.

With continuous access to our Care Concierge, patients have an additional member of the health care team. Questions and concerns can be addressed when they occur not during the next visit. All issues are directed to appropriate personnel including emergency services, if necessary. To further enhance care coordination, our care concierge service department also provides routine progress reports including laboratory data, medication profiles and hospital admissions to the patient’s entire medical care team including admitting primary care physicians who have referred patients to our ESRD services.

If traveling, consider us a local health care travel assistant. We’ll help with hotel reservation suggestions, transportation recommendations to the clinic, and just about any other information request. Making dialysis arrangements shouldn’t feel like an obstacle course. We’re here to make it easy. And once in our database, patients will have the extra convenience of being part of the Avantus Renal Therapy family whenever they want to visit an Avantus Renal Therapy clinic.